earning potential or revenue potential

How much can I expect to earn as a WSA franchisee?

Okay. The best way to answer that question is by putting forward a number of scenarios.

The website designer

The website designer is a natural at developing creative visuals and presenting to the client. But he often outsources the coding to a developer. The WSA takes away any technical issues that a designer may run into when developing a content managed website and it also adds the kudos of a larger business brand with training and full support.

So let's say the designer sells just two courses per month for 12 months. That's a turnover of £36,000 in his first year!

What are the working costs to earn that level of turnover? As a designer, technical support will be provided by creating the coded templates and setting up the content management system in readiness for a training day.

The cost per site for this set up and template coding is £500. This brings the gross profit to £24,000, with the only other costs to consider being a 12 months license fee for the content management system at £20 per month.

But how many days has the designer had to work to produce that £36,000 turnover? Okay, now this is the exciting part.

Following on from the sales process, the Website Academy can be delivered in the following timeframe.

Based on 2 training sessions per month

  • Consultancy - 1 day
  • Design - 3 days
  • Training - 1 day

So, 5 days in total to generate a turnover of £3000. That's £600 per day!

Not only are these initial earning opportunities exciting, the WSA will provide you with bolt on training courses to assist your clients and gain you additional income following the initial website launch.

Bolt on courses;

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Setting up and managing a Google AdWords account
  • How to best use email marketing for your business
  • Is social networking suitable for your business?

Has this caught your interest? Whether you are a web designer, developer, internet consultant or have the necessary skills, then the WSA franchise model is profitable for you.

Call 01386 764 747 and ask for Dave Mullins, our Franchise Manager or email dave.mullins@websiteacademy.co.uk.